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The 1440 on “Sweet Life”

My inbox is overfilling right now with people asking me why did you change your name Jaleen?  We loved Obscura why change now?  So I told my husband(Sean) I better blog about this…so then it is easier instead of answering individual emails…so here is a collective email to my many friends of the past…present and future.  What’s in a name anyways…so much to consider.   Has the name ever been heard of?  Do other people have that name?  What does it mean?  How did it inspire you?  Why not your own name for the business?  For all of these questions I have many answers and wonders that I continue to try and figure out. 

As for my old business name it came to me on a trip to the coast….Tofino B.C. a place where my husband and I drove with our little girl for a family vacation.  I was thinking of names and drawing non-stop doodling logos of things of importance to me.  I kept thinking of names and I read an article about the history of photography and antique cameras.  One of the names of the original way to capture images was through a camera obscura which literally is an optical device where light passes through a hole to project an image.  This was the precursor to cameras…I know it’s deep but I thought wow that is soooo cool so I began to draw images and came up with the rough sketch of a O with the 5 dots on it symbolizing my future goals.  Voila Obscura was born and it was awesome while it lasted.  However, the tough part of it is that many people read it Obscure and they think I am totally into the dark or on the edge of photoshoots….so many people have inquired into Halloween weddings and they are shocked when they meet me and I am the polar opposite of this…shocking….  So with that in mind over a year ago I looked into switching things up and thought about what is important for me as a professional photographer…someone who is passionate about the business and the lives that create it. 

I was  staff at a workshop for a very well known children photographer in Austin, Texas and we sat up late into the evening talking about life and business over some wine and great Canadian chocolate bars.   She told me I was so Sweet….and asked what I was doing with such a dark name.  I told her I agreed and thought it was too dark as well. So, together, we started doing searches and talking about all things Sweet on the last day…I was flying home on the plane I was thinking to myself …life is good…life is great…that was such an awesome and uplifting experience…then it came to me it must be Sweet Life!!  Almost a year later I have honored that name and now officially can say I love Sweet Life and that is why I changed my name.  This is the way I want to approach the business…with this on my mind.  Life is Sweet we must embrace it and I must capture the moments and all the in-betweens that compose the lives within it.  I am hoping to meet you and I want to personally wish you what I continue to personally pursue… A Sweet Life….

With that being said I’d like to share with you a few “sweet” a few “in-between” moments of my daughter, my husband and I that were captured on film from my friend Janean of CR Photography.

In love,