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Edmonton Newborn Photographer: Everly 8 days old

Yes, this mama was glowing when she was pregnant….but she was absolutely beaming with her baby girl in her arms. And I must say, fatherhood looks pretty natural on Aaron too.  I was excited when I received the email that little Everly had arrived. It was a treat coming back to their gorgeous home to record special moments for this new little family.  Congratulations Heather and Aaron, little Everly is absolutely adorable!!

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Ashley - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

Amanda Cook - These pictures are amazing!

Jessica - Great shoot! Love the recreations from the maternity session, now showcasing baby! ❤️❤️❤️

Kasia - Beautiful family ❤️
Excellent pictures!

Christine - LOVE these photos!!!!

Claire - I love them!! Also…your house looks super stylish in these!!

Jesse Bisch - Absolutely stunning family and fantastic pictures

Joy - Never has there been such a beautiful Everly! Love her and her parents so much!!

Shanda - Beautiful family. I love all these photos!

Katie - You guys look so fantastic in all of these! Such great photos of your beautiful family 💜

Graeme - You guys look amazing!!

Lee - Love you little Everly!

Christine - I just have to say again how amazing these photos are! I shared them with our family in the UK and they were so impressed. I appreciate the talent of the photographer, but really: have you EVER seen such a gorgeous new family! 🙂

Jenn - Love them! So precious. Your place looks awesome!!

Kristine - Great pics guys!!

Papa - Beautiful

Erin Fay - Beautiful Family!! Love you all SO much! XO

Trent - Great looking family! Lovely photos.

Don - Gorgeous. Everly, not Aaron…he’s ok tho. 🙂

Kelsey - I’m so incredibly happy for your sweet little family

Sheena - Just gorgeous!!

Tara - Beautiful photos, beautiful family! Congrats again!

David cook - Beautiful!

Beth - Love the photos so natural and beautiful. Mom and dad are absolutely radiant. Baby girl everly is stunning

Vicky - Beautiful photos and adorable baby ❤️

Erin - Gorgeous. Congrats guys – love love love her nursery.

Anita Edwarson - Beautiful family pictures!!! 💗

nicole - So Lovely, the whole family!!

Jenny - You made a very cute tiny human!

margie - Such a treasure to have such gorgeous photos!!

Brenda steckley - So much Love shows in theses shots and what an adorable baby Everly


Edmonton Family Photographer: Darren, Nicole & Ada

I love meeting new families and when I heard the age of little Ada (she is just a few days older than my baby girl) I smiled appreciating the treasure I was getting to document:)  Eighteen months old is such an amazing age; full of learning to “fake” smile, running away from parents, but enjoying the quiet snuggles too, little curls growing on the nape of her neck and long bangs you refuse to cut because it’s her baby hair, the comfort of the baby sling and demanding to hold keys, but best of all tickles with Mommy, and holding Daddy’s finger tight when walking. My session with Ada, Nicole and Darren was all that I imagined and more. I had so much fun Nicole, Darren and Ada, enjoy your photos!

20+ comments will earn this happy family a complimentary gift.

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Fiona - Beautiful!!!!

Jen - Such great memories! Beautiful!

Kelty - What wonderful photos of such a loving family

Amy - So cute!Such a beautiful family!

Nicole - Thank you Jaleen! We so appreciate your calm presence and the time you took, especially the long moments of costume changes and waiting for Ada to run back to us. I would absolutely recommend anyone to get photos done through you!

Connie - these photos are beautiful. 🙂

Shannon - Lovely!

Susan Larcombe - These are just beautiful, Nicole! 💕

Simon Goyeau - What a sweet family!!

Julia - Gorgeous!

Ana Green - Such beautiful photos for such a beautiful family! 🙂

Jaclyn Wynnyk - Cute photos!!!

Kristen - Love love love everything about this!!!!! You guys are such a beautiful little family inside and out ❤️

Roberta - These are just wonderful!…and what a cutie!

Chad Sargent - Cutest niece ever! Darren and Nicole, you’re alright too. 🙂

Lily - Loveeeeeee!!!

Nck - Priceless !!!

Lin - Beautiful photos, what a cutie Ada is, so happy to have her in my life xxx

Grant - Great photos, what a little sweetheart

Darren - You have a quick shutter-finger, you managed to catch Ada in so many different ways 🙂

Aunty Jean - Beautiful natural relaxed photographs – memories to treasure.


Edmonton Maternity Photographer: Heather & Aaron – Expecting

This maternity session was extra special … it took place in Heather and Aaron’s cozy home and I love the personal touch and warmth you can feel in these photos. With baby coming in just a few weeks we are all counting down the days.  Enjoy your photos Heather and Aaron!

20+ comments will earn this happy family a complimentary gift.

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edmonton-newborn-photograher (6)edmonton-newborn-photograher (7)

Toni - Theses photos are beautiful! Can’t wait to meet the new babe Heather ❤️

Becka - These are beautiful!! I cannot wait for baby Zych ❤❤

Nancy - You’re a natural beauty

Christine - Beautiful photos! Something to treasure for a lifetime and so nice for family and friends to see that are living far away!

Carla Stenvold - OMG these are so cute love them. Can’t wait to see little one.

Kimberly - Amazing photos to capture such a memorable time in your lives! Can’t wait to meet the little bundle!! Great photography work and even better looking couple 🙂 xoxo

Amanda Cook - Heather these are gorgeous!!!!! I seriously cannot wait to meet little nugget 💕💕

Jennifer - You are so gorgeous, Heather. And Aaron, you’re ok too! 😉 I can’t wait to meet my new niece or nephew!!!

Jessica - Love love love these! Can’t wait to meet your little.

Katie Ferguson - I love these photos of you two so much!! It gets me so excited to meet little nugget!

Jennifer Lang-Gorman - These are so sweet!

Kelsey - Coconut!!!

David - I like the one with Coconut 😀

Joy - Stunning!! Nugget is eagerly anticipated and already loved to the moon and back!!

Kim - Love the shadow pic!

Aliesha - Wow! So beautiful!

Jenn - Absolutely beautiful photos that you will treasure for a lifetime! You can feel the love through them!

Angela C - Such beautiful & loving pics. So happy for you both. My favourite is the shadow pic.

Norm Ballard - Babes

Namit Bhalla - Can’t wait to meet the bundle of joy

Sheila Zych - Fabulous pictures! Nugget is one lucky baby to have such beautiful parents, inside and out. Xo

Debbie serneels - These photos are absolutely gorgeous. Thinking of both of you as the big day approaches


Edmonton Newborn Photographer: Jack 5 days new

Welcome to the world little Jack….and congratulations to you Jen, Rob and Ruby. I fell in love with your family at your maternity session a few months ago, and I (along with many others, I’m sure) was counting down the days to your due date!  You have such a beautiful family and I had so much fun visiting your home for this session.  Jack is such a sweetheart and I loved seeing little Ruby again too.

20+ comments on this blog session will earn this happy family a complimentary gift.

Enjoy your photos Jack (and family)!

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Joy - What an incredible remembrance of this special moment in Jen and Rob’s lives! Thank you so much!

Erin Berube - Absolute perfection. What a magical series. Especially love the sibling snuggles and the nursing shots. Love you all!!

Ted Bannerson - Congrats! What a cutie. Reminds me of that summer cousin Kelly had the twins <3

Suzanne D. - What amazing photos…fantastic memories captured for a lifetime!!!!

Kasia - Beautiful pictures, beautiful family 💗

Avalon - Love these photos!! You have such a lovely little family! Love that brick was in there too!!

Anita Edwardson - Omg I absolutely love all your pictures!! Perfectly captured so many perfect moment 💘 what a perfect family!!

Erin - Absolutely beautiful!!

Beth - Amazing photos. Great job. You really captured the love

Jennifer Deltombe - It was such a privilege to have Sweetlife capture these special memories for us! Jaleen made us feel at ease as soon as we met! I highly recommend her!!

Kim - You have captured the love in this family beautifully

Laura Galvin - Jack has a great ‘mad grampa’ face!!! Beautiful shots. Especially love the fam shots and the ones with jack and Rue.

Heather - Love these! Love you guys!! 💜💜💜

Rob - So happy with our photos. Thanks Jaleen!

David - 😊

Bobbi - Such a sweet family. Miss you guys!
Lovely photos! ☺️

Claire - Beautiful baby! Beautiful family! Beautiful pictures!

Brandi - Oh my goodness, these pictures are unbelievably beautiful and got me right in the feels! <3

Kate - I love these! I especially love those quiet moments with mom and babe–something no mom wants to ever forget!

Mike - These are just great. Ruby is such a star!

Lee - Just perfect. ❤️

Mike - These are great you guys. Also, Ruby is such a star!