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I’m still here…

Yes, I’m still alive…I’m around…and I’ll admit it, I’m behind in blog posting!!!

I have SO much to tell you, so many photos to share, my mind is exploding!

I am going to blog like mad over the next few days, so please check back…you can expect to see sneak peeks from Evylin and David’s wedding, Melissa and Mike’s wedding, Sarah and Darren’s engagement session, Kate and Brad’s wedding including photos from Kate’s amazing bridal photo session. I also want to tell you guys about some workshops I’ve attended recently; locally here in Edmonton and in sunny California!!!

So please check back………..we’ll chat soon………..

carla - can’t wait to see all your fabulousness!!!

Victoria - Sounds like you’ve been busy…..not surprising though! Do you ever sleep?!!!


Laura & Lee: Engaged

I first met Lee and Laura at Earl’s for some drinks and appetizers to discuss their 2010 wedding.  I was excited to hear about this wedding because it is taking place at the amazing Elk Ridge Resort in Saskatchewan.  Elk Ridge is near Waskesiu, a beautiful lake in the Prince Albert National Park, a location that many people in Saskatchewan and beyond truly appreciate.  Can you imagine how fabulous their wedding is going to be?!! I can’t wait for their wedding (and I definitely plan on hitting the spa and taking in all this natural beauty while I’m there).

We set up a time to meet for their engagement session and located some sweet spots for pictures incorporating their love of all things in nature with a small flare for urban fare.   I love the shots that we captured on this day and I look forward to continue to get to know Lee and Laura.

edmonton wedding photographerb

edmonton wedding photographer3

edmonton wedding photographer

edmonton wedding photographera

edmonton wedding photographer2

edmonton wedding photographer1

edmonton wedding photography

edmonton wedding photography1a

edmonton wedding photography1

edmonton wedding photography2

edmonton wedding photography3

edmonton wedding photography4

edmonton wedding photography5

edmonton wedding photography6

Lindsay - What a sweet looking couple! Awesome job once again Jaleen!

concept to image - love the shots…where is this location jaleen..

carla - these are awesome. love the one on the stoopy thing with the shrubbery on either side. it is perfect!!

Hilary - Gorgeous light! I love that giant yellow umbrella.

Julie - I LOVE the beach shots – your locations are so cool!!! My absolute favorite is the one of them walking down the street looking at eachother, they look so happy!


Kirk - Could they be any happier?! You captured some sweet moments for this lucky couple!


Carlos & Lindsay: Married

One thing stands out in my mind as I write this…Lindsay and the simple, yet stunning, flower that was pinned in her hair for all to see.  As I looked across the aisle and watched her make her way down I could see the beauty that she exhibited on this day… it was truly moving and an image that remains with me.  I can only imagine how Carlos was feeling as he watched his bride edge her way closer.  The weather and the venue were nothing short of perfect as I shared in their special day at Louise Mckinney Park.   From the small touches like the flowers that rested in globes that lined the aisle, to the arbour that they stood under to say their vows and unite as a family.  It was a special day where I was assisted by Terri Lynn, a friend who is starting her own photography business in the near future, and wanted to job-shadow a wedding shoot.  She did amazing and I thank her for that.  

After the ceremony we hit the urban spaces of Whyte Avenue to capture pictures with unique backgrounds and a setting that could incorporate the buzz of Whyte Avenue on a busy Saturday afternoon.  I enjoyed the energy and passion that this couple had for pictures and posing and I also have to give a shout out to the wedding party, who were equally game to be my models on this day.  All in all this was a beautiful event and a great celebration for the families involved.  Thank you for being so beautiful in the way you worked with me.  I am excited for you on this new journey.  Much love!  Jaleen

To see more photos from Carlos and Lindsay’s wedding click here.

edmonton wedding photographer01

edmonton wedding photographer02

edmonton wedding photographer03

edmonton wedding photographer04

edmonton wedding photographer05

edmonton wedding photographer06

edmonton wedding photographer07

edmonton wedding photographer08

edmonton wedding photographer09

edmonton wedding photographer10

edmonton wedding photographer11

edmonton wedding photographer12

edmonton wedding photographer13

edmonton wedding photographer14

edmonton wedding photographer15

edmonton wedding photographer16

edmonton wedding photographer17

edmonton wedding photographer18

edmonton wedding photographer19

edmonton wedding photographer20

edmonton wedding photographer21

edmonton wedding photographer22


And if you’re curious about the fine details of this wedding; Linsday had her hair done by Jerryl at Tanglz, her beautiful makeup done by  Noelia from NARE studio and the flowers and decorations were master pieces by Creative Elegance.

concept to image - jaleen congrats to you and to the couple involved you really nailed this shoot!! I love the diversity…keep up the great work-see you in Texas in October!!

Diana - Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica - Jaleen, every wedding you photograph seems to be so unique to the couple. This was yet another magnificent artistic creation with you behind the lens. These photos are so fresh and clean, I (heart) the red wall!!!!

Lindsay - Thank you sooo much Jaleen!!! These pictures are AMAZING!!! You are so truly talented =)

Micah - I LOVE the one of them running across the street, you can almost hear them laughing. You captured such great emotions from their day – this is definitely NOT boring, stiff posed wedding photography like back in the day….

carla - so awesome jaleen. i esp love the black and white of the boys. can’t wait to see you in action on saturday!!

Shawna - Gorgeous flowers, great work Jaleen…another beutiful wedding!

Terri-Lynn - Hey Jaleen, thank you so much for letting me shadow you for the day, you are a great mentor! Your pictures are always amazing, and I love the ones on top of the parkade….now I know what we were missing down below! All the pics are amazing, and I love the “show”. Great job!!!!

Andrea - The colors pop, the pictures are so fresh. Dynamic images yet again Jaleen. PS: LOVE THE NEW WEBSITE & BLOG 🙂

Cherie Brace - Wow Jaleen FANTASTIC, everything is so original and beautiful, I can’t wait for a Josh and Tiliea shoot 🙂


Clement & Cassandra: Married

Now husband and wife, Clement & Cassandra met through friends, they worked in the same building and didn’t even know it. They began visiting on coffee breaks and hanging out with friends after work…then at Christmas 2007  Cassandra received the gift of a lifetime; her engagement ring! Immediately, the wedding planning began and on July 25th I was able to record special wedding day moments for this amazing couple.

We started with a few photos at the salon and then went to Cassandra’s house to put the finishing touches on (ie: her dress!!). With one more touch of lipstick and a dash of perfume we were on our way to the Melton Building downtown Edmonton for the “first look”. The location was perfect because this was the building that they both worked at when they first met!

Cassandra hid in her doorway as Clement walked down 103 Street – my heart was racing, I can’t even begin to imagine how they felt. Next thing you know they were back-to-back against each corner of the building still without a glimpse….it was then they held hands and Clement swung Cassandra around the corner… and for that moment the world stood still and this moment was theirs, all theirs!!!

After wrapping up photos downtown and a quick stop at Louise McKinney Park for family photos, we made our way to the Edmonton Petroleum Club for one of the most elegant ceremonies I’ve ever seen. Cassandra and Clement had the aisle lined with parasols and scattered around the room was 1,000 folded red paper cranes. Every detail was covered; from the color red being incorporated on Cassandra’s dress, to the inscribed wedding rings, the personalized chopsticks as favors, the bridesmaids carrying fans not flowers, to the delicious bubble tea served during cocktail hour. And how could I not mention the amazing lion dance that was put on as their grand entrance!!!

These pictures are just a glimpse of their beautiful day! Congratulations Clement & Cassandra.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself at your wedding and a big thanks to Sonia Worobec for assisting me that day.

Click here to see a slideshow of Clement and Cassandra’s wedding day.


Edmonton Sweet Life Photography

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (2)

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (3)

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (4)

I just love these “first look” photos!

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (5)

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (6) Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (7)

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (8)

 Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (9)

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (10)

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (11)

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (12)

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (13)

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (14)

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (15)

Edmonton Sweet Life Photography (16)

 And here are some “behind the scenes” photos Sonia took of me that day.

Sweet Life Photography by Sonia Worobec1

Sweet Life Photography by Sonia Worobec

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sam - Wow, love the first look. That’s so cool to see the behind the scenes photos too.

Tamara - Beautiful dress – gorgeous flowers!!!

Julie - Talk about detail, girl!! What a unique wedding. And how fun to experience a lion dance, I’ve heard they are amazing.

Photos by Louis - Jaleen looks like a super wedding with all the unique touches…awesome shots of a splendid couple..keep it up by the way LOVE the new site and blog.

Maria - Great job Jaleen, as always! I love seeing you set up the first look photo, what a great idea.

Nina - LOVE your new site & blog! And these photos are nothing short of perfection. Great job!!!!!!!!!

Bella - I really like the shot of the bride looking away with the umbrella in hand. She looks so happy and beautiful! The one with them kissing behind the fan is so sweet too.

shadow box entertainment -studio - Hey Jaleen it’s me…You were so right about your new site…it’s fresh and so Abercrombie…lol Keep up the good work are you coming back to L.A to do another shoot soon? Text me. (oh yeah-love the photos very cute couple)

Kiley-Ann Photography - The detailed shots of her jewelry are amazing. I’d love to know what lens you were using.

Diana - Holy cow, that slideshow is AMAZING! I want to order one and I don’t even know these guys. I loved their wedding and you totally captured the emotion of the day; I feel like I was there! Her flowers are gorgeous and WOW, talk about d.e.t.a.i.l.s – you must have been in heaven!

caught in a moment photography - LOVE this wedding…this couple had some serious imagination totally original! fab images jaleen keep it rolling girl…see you in Vegas are you going on a shoot when you are there?

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Chantelle & Matt: Engaged

I knew Chantelle and Matt would be a great couple to work with the minute we met…..the more they described their wedding the more I got excited and we decided on the spot to book three photo sessions together; their engagement session, Chantelle’s bridal session, and of course their wedding, which is coming up in September.

Today, I’m blogging about their fun  engagement photo session.  We met at Capital X  a unique location with many exciting backdrops– after a quick train ride and text messages back and forth  we found ourselves at the entrance gates ready to start this fab  session. 

The first stop was the Ferris wheel – we all squeezed in to one buggy and immediately the shutter was released at rapid speed. We found ourselves in line for all sorts of fun rides and were surrounded by backdrops a photographer can only dream of. Sure, Chantelle and Matt had a bit of an audience, especially when one of the game announcers used his microphone to shout to the world they were engaged, but they didn’t seem to mind – Matt just picked Chantelle up and swung her around for the world to see his beautiful fiance – a sweet kiss and a hug later and we were on our way to discover more locations.

These two are so fun and full of laughter;  this location was a perfect representation of their happiness and love for life.  As the sun was setting, they walked back to their cars, arms linked… each with a candy apple in hand. ….oh yes, life was good….little did they know they were on their way home to a surprise engagement  party!!!

Congrats you two! I am looking forward to your wedding.

edmonton wedding photographer8edmonton wedding photographer10edmonton wedding photographer4edmonton wedding photographer3

edmonton wedding photographer5edmonton wedding photographer1

edmonton wedding photographer2edmonton wedding photographer6870

sean - CONGRATS!!! great job on the new blog… I love it.

Susan - Love em!

Darilynn - You guys really are a perfect couple. You two take great pictures and what I great location for pictures. I bet Jaleen LOVED that location :D.
Looks great you two can’t wait for the wedding and the bridal session (it’s a TOTAL BLAST!!)

Maria - What a fun location. Great pictures. I love the emotion you captured.

Sam - The 2nd & 3rd ones are my favourite. Great job, as always Jaleen!

Tina - Fantastic images. The color is dynamic! The one of them infront of the ferris wheel is a A+!

sienna lee images - What a great location….beautiful color Jaleen congratulations on the fab new site. I love it let’s get together in Vegas for lunch at WPPI

sienna lee images - What a great location….beautiful color Jaleen congratulations on the fab new site. I love it let’s get together in Vegas for lunch at WPPI. Talk soon

Judy Courchesne - These pics are excellent, i can hardly wait to see the rest. Thanks Jaleen.

Diana - She is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see their wedding photos, I know they are going to be amazing. In my opinion, they picked the best photographer in Edmonton!!!

Gabriela - I loved these.

Alanna - Great pictures, I wish my efforts were half as successful…,

Connor - Another brilliant accomplishment!

Jake - Beautiful!

Ayla - Glad I found this!

Angelina - Glad I found this!

Leilani - Excellent.

Johnny - Terrific photos, I spent far too long looking at them!,

Roger - Glad I found this!

Larry - Wow. Any tips for an aspiring young photographer?

Bella - Im so glad I stumbled across these pictures!

u1097 - Love the lighting!

anonymous image board - Lovely just what I was looking for.