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Kate: Bridal Session

Wow….Kate looks good! A few weeks before her wedding Kate and I got together for a bridal photo session, the sun was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and she was stunning!

I’m not going to lie; these are some of my all-time favorite photos. I absolutely love going to new locations and I love wedding photography, so this was like a dream come true for me…and it helps that I had a model bride who also loves photography and was up for anything!

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting some of my favorites from Kate & Brad’s wedding in the next few days.

PS: And a big THANK YOU goes out to Kate’s sister and father who came along that evening to assist with the fine details (like picking the flowers, carrying Kate’s dress, and lending Kate closed-toe shoes while we ran around the field).

Kate (5)


Kate (33)

Kate (25)

Kate (70)

Kate (32)

Kate (74)


Kate (84)

Kate (93)

Kate (75)


Kelly - It’s amazing seeing what you see through your camera. You truly have talent!

carla - these are amazing!! i l.o.v.e. the locations.

Kimberley - She should MODEL!

ricky - The textures, the colors. Great images jaleen!

Heather - That first image, with her sitting on the swing, is AWARD worthy. Seriously, you should submit your work .

Kate & Brad: Married » Sweet Life Photography BLOG - […] I knew she would (I’d already gotten a sneak peek working with her a few weeks earlier at her bridal photo session), and when Brad arrived everyone sat up just a little straighter, he looked so sharp….the moment […]

Julianne - Fabulous work, I love them!


Sarah & Darren: Engaged

Introducing the beautiful Sarah and Darren. We had an interesting start to their engagement session hiding out in our cars as we waited out a rain storm. It was worth the wait because the light was amazing afterwards and we got some gorgeous photos! Congrats Sarah & Darren, I’m really looking forward to your wedding in November. Enjoy!


Edmonton wedding photographer (10)

Edmonton wedding photographer (9)

Edmonton wedding photographer (8)

Edmonton wedding photographer (5)

Edmonton wedding photographer (4)

Edmonton wedding photographer (6)

Edmonton wedding photographer (3)

Edmonton wedding photographer (7)

Edmonton wedding photographer (2)

Edmonton wedding photographer

edmonton engagement photographer

Rachel - Super cute!!!!

Kelly - I absolutely love the picture of them holding hands on that bright green wall. It looks like it’s out of a magazine. Great job Jaleen….I can’t wait to see more!

Julie - Wonderful work. LOVE THE DOG!

Gloria - A November wedding, wow, they’re brave! It’s nice they were able to get their engagement photos taken while it was still warm out. Love the pictures. My favorite is #3 where they are on the stairs.

BrandiM - Wonderful! I love the colours brought out in the images, the couple look so much in love. Can’t wait to see the wedding images:)

Kristie - Jaleen, what an amazing session!! I love the way you captured their connection, all the beautiful colors and their adorable dog!! Fabulous!! Oh, and the new site–you outdid yourself, girl!!

Maria Hays - What a beautiful couple!! Sooo many great images, Love that one of them kissing on the steps!

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Melissa & Mike: Married

I am sitting here listening to my IPOD…. people, traffic is flying by me while I wait at the university.  I love a little Peter Gabriel in the background… my husband introduced me to him and told me about the song Solsbury Hill…he said I bet you will love the rift.  It turns out he was right…it flows and gets your feet tapping and there is meaning to the words you can hear it in his voice when he says ” son grab your things I am here to take you home…I will soon be home”.  I love it and as I listen I am thinking about the most amazing wedding I was a part of a few weeks ago.  Mike and Melissa are a special and beautiful couple who are proudly in love and have the loving support of parents to help them on the next journey in life….like Peter  Gabriel sings…”come son I am here to take you home”.  Their family showed them the way…a  path in the way of love.  Melissa and Mike looked stunning on this day, from the nervous anticipation before the ceremony, to the slow and careful walk with her father down the aisle; I was able to witness a new beginning and I thank them for  taking me on this journey and introducing me to a part of their life that will stay with me.    

I think I should hire Melissa and Mike as location scouts for me because they did what I love; they made the shoot their own, in that they found numerous personal locations and had so many great ideas going through the shoot.    I want to shout out to the wedding party who were nothing short of amazing from heartfelt speeches and sharing a sandwich with me; I truly appreciated the kindness shown towards me. 

From wheatfields to train tracks to urban spaces…we captured moments in each location that tells the story of this very special day.  I watched through my camera the first dance at the Petroleum Club where Mike took beautiful Melissa in his arms and moved her across the dance floor with a sophisticated elegance.  I watched them through the lens during the next dance  as they shared the floor with their parents and the image of the generations moving and dancing and passing on the knowledge and wisdom of relationships is what inspires me.  And a special thanks for the super cute camera strap Melissa and Mike, I love it…you two are amazing…thank you for the privilege of being your photographer.  In love, Jaleen

To see more photos from Melissa & Mike’s wedding CLICK HERE.

edmonton wedding photographer

edmonton wedding photographer (2)

edmonton wedding photographer (3)

edmonton wedding photographer (4)

edmonton wedding photographer (5)

edmonton wedding photographer (6)

edmonton wedding photographer (7)

edmonton wedding photographer (8)

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edmonton wedding photographer (18)

edmonton wedding photographer (13)

Julie - What a beautiful day!

Kelly - Amazing work Jaleen, looks like it was a lovely wedding day!

Sue - Their DOG is so cute.

Donna Gardiner - Amazing photos Jaleen. Thank you for doing such a great job!!

Kimberley - I love the last photo….you can almost hear her laughter. GREAT JOB!

Debbie Harris - Jaleen, you captured so many beautiful moments. Incredible shoot!

Rachel - A beautiful day, captured perfectly!

Phyllis - Thankyou for the wonderful photos! As Dale and I could not make the wedding of this special couple, it is so nice to see all the many memories that you have captured in pictures. I hope that one of them ends up on my fridge which is my memory home.

BrandiM - Feel the love, these are incredible!

Julianne - Jaleen these are gorgeous, look at the smile on your bride, so beautiful!


Sarah & Darren: Engaged

A quick sneak peek for Sarah & Darren, who’s engagement session almost got rescheduled due to insane RAIN….we waited it out and I was so happy we did because the lighting was amazing and their pup, Norman, was especially happy to get out of the car.

More photos to be posted soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share one of my favorites!

edmonton engagement photographer

Sarah - Awww, he’s so cute 🙂 great shot Jaleen!

Kirk - What a great idea to bring their pup along. And I love that her ring POPS out of the picture.

Kelly - Capturing!!!!

Rebekah - Can’t wait to see more!

Holly - This should be an advertisement of some sort; it’s GREAT!


Evylin & David: Married

“I am sitting in the Westin Hotel right now thinking about the day that is about to begin and the numerous feelings that emerge on wedding days.  I am sipping on a latte waiting for Evylin to arrive from the salon.  I wonder how she is feeling right now?  I wonder what David will think when he sees his beautiful bride later in the day? “

Now as I write this after the initial entry the word “traditional” keeps coming to me.  Tradition is beautiful and I was a part of a ceremony that captured the values and traditions of friends, family and love.  And for that I am thankful because it allows me to reflect on the importance of these things in life.  I arrived at the church and was greeted by David, he then proceeded to ask how much longer until he could see his bride-to-be.  At their request we had previously arranged a “first-look” where they would have a chance to see eachother privately before the ceremony would  begin.  David waited under a tree outside the church and Evylin slowly made her way down a path towards him….gently she tapped his shoulder and I captured “the moment” for them to share long after the days events.  I loved that moment …seeing the look they gave each other, hearing the gentle whispers and the warm embrace.  It is beauty.  

After the ceremony we spent the afternoon taking pictures of the many moments shared between family and friends.  The wedding party was amazing to work with and had great energy that made it’s way throughout the shoot.  The friendships collectively shared were evident in the singing, dancing and numerous laughs throughout the day.  Many great stories were shared and I appreciated the memories that were captured through the lens.

Later in the day… we arrived at the reception hall and had yet another traditional moment in the excellent food that was served at the wedding.  I ate way too much but it was soooo good!   Before I left for the evening I asked David and Evylin to come outside so I could take some more pictures to finish the evening under the beautiful golden light in the sky.  I watched them hold hands walking down the street in silence and took pictures to honor the importance of silent spaces…traditions to live by and a special bond between two people moving into the future.  Thank you for being you David and Evylin.  In love, Jaleen

To see more photos from Evylin & David’s wedding CLICK HERE.

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Edmonton wedding photographer18

Kirk - FABULOUS!!! I love the detailed shots.

Rebekah - LOVE the first look photos, what a special moment.

Holly - Their laughter during the reception; priceless!

Julie - How sweet. Your images blow me away every time!

Victoria - You really caught every angle of their wedding day…fine details, emotions, and love! Fantastic, as always Jaleen.